Exceptional colour reproduction
The Optimum Image Generating (OIG) System utilises two major technologies first implemented in PRO-1 and subsequently in PRO-10 and PRO-100.

Optimum Mixing Balance Precise Placement of Ink Droplets

The OIG System carefully analyses the intended colour and then calculates the optimum combination of inks for each print mode and paper media. The calculations are based on various factors including colour reproduction, tonal gradations, black density, graininess, glossiness (or uniform glossiness), anti-bronzing and anti-metamerism.

The Chroma Optimizer* is a critical element to attain professional print quality with accurate colour and reduce metamerism on coated paper.

When applied over a printed image, it helps reduces the difference in ink droplet height to form a flat and smooth ink layer. The result is evenly reflected light, deep blacks and bright saturated colours.

*Not applicable to PIXMA PRO-100

Highly Uniformed Glossiness The Density of Blacks
Anti-Bronzing Effect Decorative Effects

With the application of the Chroma Optimizer, the appearance of a print is well-finished with uniform glossiness regardless of the colour density.

Smooth and flat surface is achieved from reduced unevenness of the bumps between ink droplets.

Uneveness due to the bumps between ink droplets reflect light irregularly.

Print Studio Pro NEW Colour Management Tool Pro Colour Modes

Versatile Paper Handling Two-Way Paper Feeding
Margin Areas

Supports professional photo printing on a variety of Fine Art and Glossy Photo Papers.

Luster paper with a smooth texture for a professional finish. Fast drying time. Consistent look and colour under display lighting, ideal for studio and special event photos.

Fast Print Speed Connectivity

Without the weight of the inks on the print head, the print speed for both colour and greyscale photographs dramatically increases.


- 12-colour LUCIA Ink System including 5 monochrome inks
- Chroma Optimizer
- Printing up to A3+ photo at approx. 4 min 20 sec
- Large volume individual ink tanks


- 10-colour LUCIA Ink System including 3 monochrome inks
- Chroma Optimizer for uniform glossiness and
  deeper blacks
- Printing up to A3+ photo at approx. 5 min 20 sec
- Mobile printing, AirPrint™
- Enabled Wi-Fi and Ethernet


- 8-colour Dye Ink System including 3 monochrome inks
- Printing up to A3+ photo at approx. 1 min 30 sec
- Mobile printing, AirPrint™
- Enabled Wi-Fi and Ethernet