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  • An Eye For An Eye

    A daughter is forced against her will to continue her father's crime legacy but hatches a plan for a fresh start...

  • Beyond Our Ken

    Unique tale of vengeance from rising Hong Kong director Pang Ho-Cheung, starring heartthrob Daniel Wu and pop star Gillian Chung.

  • Bio Zombie
    生化 壽屍觉

    Horror-comedy follwoing two lowly triads who run a VCD store and unwittingly bring a biochemically infected zombie to the mall...

  • Colour Of The Loyalty

    Eric Tseng and Shawn Yue star in this genre-film set in the mafia about the battle between loyalty and betrayal.

  • Dragon Squad

    Cool action thriller with Maggie Q, Sammo Hung, Simon Yam. Can a group of crackerjack agents track down a big league HK triad boss before it's too late?

  • First Love Unlimited
    初戀無限 TOUCH

    Compelling and heartfelt drama of first love between a privileged young girl Tap (Gigi Leung) and a boy Hong (Daniel Chan) from the wrong side of the tracks...

  • God Of Gamblers

    Chow Yun-Fat stars as an amnesia-struck gambling genius who - as his memory begins to return - eventually goes head-to-head against the very people responsible.

  • He Comes From Planet K

    Anita Yuen and Eric Kot star in this sci-fi comedy about an extra-terrestrial who finds love and other adventures on Earth.

  • It Had To Be You

    Romantic comedy starring Ekin Cheng and Karen Lam as unlucky-in-love platonic co-workers. Will they realise their mistakes and open their hearts to true love?

  • Lee Rock
    雷洛傳 I 之五億探長雷老虎

    Thrilling cop drama starring Andy Lau as legendary policeman Lee Rock in a two part saga that chronicles his rise and fall against the backdrop of ever-changing HK

  • Lee Rock II
    雷洛傳 II 之父子情仇

    Second installment in cop drama saga starring Andy Lau as true-to-life HK police officer Lee Rock as he battles against darker forces at work in HK...

  • Life Is A Moment

    Cool, inventive HK sci-fi set in a dark 2037. Accidentally transported back to 1987 Yee unlocks a better world but when she is ordered to return, her defiance begins

  • Love Battlefield
    愛. 作戰

    Action drama starring Eason Chan and Nicki Chow as a troubled couple whose world is turned upside down when the husband is suddenly kidnapped...

  • Love Recipe

    Romantic comedy of twenty-somethings searching for love. They meet a chef who designs a meal to solve their problems, but is there really a love recipe?

  • Love Amoeba Style
    愛情 AMOEBA

    Four twenty-something HK urbanites strugle to keep their new business afloats and navigate their way through the complex territory of modern relationships

  • Men Suddenly In Black

    Clever and creative romantic comedy of four philandering husbands on an impossible quest for illicit adventure, starring Eric Tsang.

  • Men Suddenly In Black 2
    大丈夫 2

    The wives of four philanderers decide to wage their own campaign for affection as their husbands do everything within their power to stop them...

  • My Name Is Nobody

    Tale of vengeance as gambling whiz Nobody and his teacher are on their last big sting in China. When their luck appears to run out there is only one solution...

  • My Sweetie

    An ad exec used to being unlucky-in-love finds himself torn between two women: a childhood friend and a new colleague. Will he make the right decision?

  • Nude Fear

    Gripping thriller as a senior detective uncovers the grisly personal truth behind a prolific HK serial killer. Will she find him before he finds her?

  • Peace Hotel

    Romantic action epic starring Chow Yun Fat, produced by John Woo. Prolific killer Ping opens the notorious Peace Hotel and one day a mysterious lady arrives..

  • School Days

    Takeshi Kaneshiro stars in this school drama as a rebel who takes the new kid in town, Jimmy Lin, under his wing and protect him from the school bullies.

  • Sealed With A Kiss

    Lonely Kam Sui meets broken-hearted Mandy in an island off the HK coast and realises he is falling for her but can he make his feelings known before she sails?

  • Step Into The Dark

    A doctor performs a life-saving blood transfusion and unwittingly uncovers the truth about his new found love and her family's unusual past...

  • Superkid

    Super Baby's dangerous and genetically-enhanced baby food is set to take over the world but can a group of Superkids save the day?

  • The Pye Dog

    Powerful drama as a trio of outsiders find solace with each other in a school despite the threat of violence and a stakeout where all identities will be revealed

  • The Romantic Fool

    Writer Sasha moves to a country house to complete her first novel and discovers a mailbox of letters in the house opposite that unlocks a romance from years ago

  • Treasure Hunt

    Martial arts thriller set in the Shaolin temple stars Chow Yun-Fat as a CIA agent in China on a mission to bring a mysterious 'treasure' back to the US.

  • Undercover Hidden Dragon

    Comedy hi-jinx as lowly gangster Fat has amnesia and is duped by police and believes he is undercover. He is then tasked with a mission to arrest the crime boss.

  • Wild Search

    High-octane Hong Kong action thriller directed by Ringo Lam and starring Chow Yun-Fat as a policeman on a dangerous mission where he must succeed at all costs.