Director: Wai Ka-Fai
1 hr 30 min

Starring: Cecilia Yip, Chow Yuen Fatt
Genre: Action/Adventure

Sweeping and stylized romantic action epic in the style of a Western, starring Chow Yun Fat and produced by Hollywood heavyweight John Woo. Set in the early 1920s the story centres around a prolific killer, Ping who as penance for his misdeeds opens the Peace Hotel - a half-way house for fugitives. One day a mysterious lady enters the hotel and Ping's life changes forever...


Fri, 5 Mar 11.00pm
Sat, 6 Mar 11.00pm
Sun, 7 Mar 1.00pm
Tues, 9 Mar 5.00pm
Thurs, 11 Mar 1.00am