Director: Jeff Lau
1 hr 40 min

Starring: Wu Chien Lien, Chow Yuen Fatt
Genre: Action/Adventure

Martial arts thriller set in the mystical Shaolin temple directed by Jeff Lau, starring the venerable Chow Yun-Fat as Jeff, a smooth CIA agent sent to China on a mission to bring a mysterious “treasure” back to the US. Encountering a young woman at the monestary with electric supernatural powers he quickly realizes she may be the treasure he is looking for but finds he is not the only one after her….


Fri, 5 Mar 9.00pm
Sat, 6 Mar 1.00pm
Mon, 8 Mar 5.00pm
Tues, 9 Mar 11.00am
Thurs, 11 Mar 11.00pm